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Below are links to a range of resources

NSW Government - Large-scale Solar Energy Guideline:

NSW Government - State significant Development:|who_determines_state_significant_development_applications_|will_i_be_consulted_about_a_state_significant_development_near_me_|how_can_i_comment_on_a_state_significant_development_|how_is_a_state_significant_development_assessed_|can_a_state_significant_development_approval_be_modified_|indicative_standard_conditions_for_state_significant_development__ssd_


NSW Government - Social Impact Assessment:


Clean Energy Council - Best Practice Charter:

Lightsource bp - Gundary Solar Farm Survey:


Lightsource bp - Gundary Solar Farm Project Details:


Lightsource bp - Feedback form:


Goulburn Mulwaree Council- Local Strategic Planning Statement:

Scenic Values in NSW - Opinion by Stacey Brodbeck, Director, Envisage Consulting:

Bureau of Meteorology - Climate Statistics, Goulburn Tafe:

Lightsource bp - Wellington Solar Farm:

Video - Wellington Solar Farm: 

Advanced Photonics Australia - Mitigating the Risks of Fires and Overheating in Solar Facilities:

Goulburn Post

NSW government - land and Soil Capability Assessment Scheme

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