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If this project is approved it will directly impact over 60 families who live on its boundary, or next door but one or across the road and another  30 who are close enough to have their views and lives impacted.

Why it matters

Mental Health - There has been and continues to be extreme mental health issues being experienced by many badly affected landholders.

Fire Risk - The site is immediately west of Bushfire Prone Land Vegetation Category 1 (High Risk).  Fires are a risk on industrial solar factories - panels, transformers, batteries and substation.

Scenic quality and landscape character - an industrial development will destroy the scenic quality and landscape of Gundary Plains.


What is the Gundary Solar Farm proposal ?

Hectares of this


A large industrial site of

7 square kilometres to

be covered by around 740,000

x 5m high solar panels


The site is productive agricultural

land and most of the site is subject land under the State Environmental Planning Policy (infrastructure) 2007


Significant visual impact that

degrades and

devalues the rural landscape


A serious fire risk for

neighbours, particularly on the

eastern and southern side from

solar panel and battery fires

and a hampered ability to fight

any fire

that burns onto the facility.


The people living at the end of Kooringaroo Rd (a NO Through Road) are at significant risk from fires being pushed by north westerly and westerly winds as they will be unlikely to be able to escape.


The people living at the end of Kooringaroo Rd (a NO Through Road) are at significant risk from fires being pushed by north westerly and westerly winds as they will be unlikely to be able to escape.


As a large electricity facility

the amount of exposure to

electromagnetic radiation

is unknown


Construction noise levels over

100dB and operation noise over

95dB every 15 minutes


Neighbours and near

neighbours’ properties will

be devalued.


The power will be sent to

Canberra or Sydney,

not Goulburn

(as advised by Lightsource bp) 

The Solar Electricity Facility

has an expected life of 35 years,

whereas agriculture/farming

has occurred on the Gundary

Plain for over 200 years and

should remain as prime

agricultural land.


If approved this facility will set

a dangerous and irreversible

precedent for further


developments on the

Gundary Plains and around



It might affect your property!

Solar Panel Farm8

It covers 700 hectares

The magnitude –
the scale is that of
an industrial facility


7 square kilometres

The maximum output
of 400MW DC peak and will be created by some 740,000 large 5 m high solar panels which we have been told will be made in China.

Wild Fire

Industrial Scale Solar Factory

  • Goulburn is known for its wind but not for its daily solar exposure. This is confirmed by BOM data which shows Goulburn has 88.4 mean clear days/year (according to 35 years of BOM data).

  • Destroys the scenic quality and landscape character of Gundary Plains

    • 740,000 x 5 metre panels

    • A system of inverters and voltage step-up transformers positioned throughout the solar arrays – each inverter/transformer station will be on a skid with dimensions of 20m (L) x 2m (W) x 3m (H).

    • 154 battery stations with each station measuring 18m(L) x 2m(W) x 4m (H)

    • Onsite (close to Windellama Road and 9 residences) a 33/330 kilovolt (kV) substation

    • An additional transmission tower to accommodate grid connection.

    • Substation is likely to be illuminated overnight.

    • Site office and maintenance buildings and car parks.

    • An 8 foot high chain mesh perimeter security fence with lighting will be erected on the site boundary.

  • Destroys the natural environment to save the planet as most of the existing trees will be destroyed including 2000 planted by Greening Australia, the Australian River Restoration Centre and a previous landowner.A considerable number of native animals are at risk – wombats, wegtail eagles, reptiles and open woodland birds.

Contact our representatives


Contact your representatives and express you views.


Peter Walker, Mayor Goulburn Mulwaree 0418 215 184

Wendy Tuckerman, State Member for Goulburn 02 4822 6444

Angus Taylor, Federal Member for HUME 02 4822 2277

Rod Roberts, Member NSW Legislative Council


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